Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Case of the Blues

Clippings from recent mailers I've gotten.
I've got a case of the blues. And no, not what you are thinking..... although it is snowing today and it is making me damn crabby! Blues as in denim! I recently did a post on building your denim wardrobe, and am feeling good about my *now full* jean collection. You are probably sick of me going on and on about how I became a chambray shirt believer a few years ago, and you know I adore my denim jackets which are true staples I could not live without! So why the need for more? Well, for one, I just keep coming across the most amazing pieces without even trying. Secondly, I know how much wear I get out of what I currently own, so it's a no brainer to pick something up when it is flattering and budget friendly. Our jeans go with everything, we already know that. We can throw a denim jacket on over most anything. A chambray top will pair with just about any bottom - pants, skirt, or even over a dress. A denim dress is just a blank slate for a myriad of accessories! Denim skirts...... gotta be careful with these so you don't look like Michelle Duggar! The one pictured above (Chaps at Kohl's) is really cute, but make sure you can pull it off! Anyway, I've chosen to go into further detail in 3 ways below:
Get The Look For Less:
Y'all know I love me some Anthropologie look-a-likes! When I saw this dress (Holding Horses doppelganger) in the Younkers ad, I knew I had to check it out. I am so glad I did! The material is sooooooo soft, and it flows beautifully. I plan to belt it when I wear it. By the time the sales and coupons added up, I think I paid around $50 for it. Sold out in a few sizes online, but here is the link anyway. My local store had a lot of them, and I am sure Younkers would be willing to do a find/send.

Something Old / Something New:
Maeve's Draped Denim Dress was sold at Anthropologie back in 2010. But thanks to the Buy/Sell/Trade boards I am a part of, I was able to snag one now. It is super flattering, and I have so many belt, cardigan, shoe options floating around in my head it is too much to count! This year, Holding Horses is offering the Seamed Denim Dress (again at Anthropologie). I have tried this on, and it too is sooooooo good for my pear shape. Fits like a dream! I have my eye on it........ In my clippings above, I pulled a Tommy Hilfiger number. I feel like if these 2 dresses below had a baby, that is what it would look like. Here are links to it at Younkers and Macy's if you are interested.

Sleeveless Tops:
Here are a couple of chambray tops I really like right now.
The peplum flare out more than is shows, in my opinion, which I like.
Do you have a case of the blues?

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