Monday, February 29, 2016

Building Your Denim Wardrobe

Having 2 babies within 4 years, my body has changed so much. Now that we are done having kids, I have slowly been rebuilding my denim wardrobe. I thought I would share my reasoning and favorite styles with you.

I have found that I like either a skinny/jegging OR a flare leg. And I now only buy high rise in either style (thank goodness they are so popular and available most everywhere). Any post I've done with jeans for the past year has been high rise, so you might already be familiar with some of these. It almost became my goal to try on any high rise I could find, within reason. Meaning, the price had to be budget friendly and the store had to be where I'd usually go anyway.

In my opinion, if you can score a light wash, dark wash, and black pair, you will have all you need to mix and match plenty of outfits. That is, if black jeans are your thing. They are for me because I wear them to work. I gave up on traditional dress pants a while ago because I felt like I never loved what I had. I would buy a pair that I thought I liked, only months later to hate them. Luckily, I work in an office where it's pretty casual. Here in the skinny/jegging section, I have added a medium wash as well. Hey, when you find something that fits, I say go for it! Sometimes, shopping for pants can be really discouraging! Here's where I've had luck finding these. Even if I don't have a link for something, you can go to the store to look (I bought all of mine in person as I like to try things on).

Medium = Rock & Republic High Waist Jeggings (Kohl's - no longer online)
Dark = Levi's High Waist Jeggings (Macy's - no longer online)
Same with the flares, my goal was to get light, dark and black colors. I've talked in previous posts about lengths of my jeggings, and it's definitely easier to roll or cuff them to accommodate a variety of footwear. Or, buy them in a short length (as I did with my light ones) because you want that pixie look. When it comes to flares though, you have to be more careful to get the length right. You cannot roll them. And you also don't want them too long. So you pretty much have to decide the heel height you will wear them with the most. I've noticed this season, retailers are coming out with cropped flares (and Target has some called Flip Flop Flares) which are specific to wearing flats with them. Here's the details on my flares:

Light = Mossimo High Rise Flare (Target)
Lastly, since I am putting my denim into categories, I have a group that I would classify as my fun - funky - trendy looks. These are the ones that might not be appropriate for work (even when it is jean Friday). Meaning, holes or undone hems. Culottes are coming back in a big way, and I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear the ones that I had to grab stock photos for. I had a pair a few years ago that I LOVED, but sadly, cannot fit in them right now. So I was glad to replace them with some that were pretty close. From left to right:

Simply Vera Distressed/Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans = Kohl's (old)
 Pilcro Wide Leg Sailor Jeans = Anthropologie (Black Friday find!)
Destroyed High Rise Jegging = American Eagle

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Those wide leg sailor jeans are amazing!!!! I love denim ... have way too many jeans and still keep buying them. Fun post.

Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday & hope your weekend is divine!

Dawn Lucy