Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hallway Redo

I thought I would document this recent home decor project I did, since the old blog here seems to be a mish mash of everything I love doing: fashion, decor, DIY. 

There is a 3 foot wall in between the boys rooms. What I love about their rooms is they are identical - same size, shape, closet space, etc.... They are too young to care now, but this should prevent arguments in the future about whose room is better. Or maybe they won't even care. Who knows. Anyway, when we moved in, we just kinda slapped a picture on the wall and stashed a table there. I wanted to make it more personal to them, and make the most out of a small space.
 For reference, this is the "before" pic. Kinda lame, right? Not that I don't love these pieces, and will use them elsewhere in the house, but it just felt incomplete or something.
 I hung two identical shelves, which I got at Menards on clearance. I "shopped my house" for frames, but the only one I couldn't resist buying new was the letter block one. Although it was on clearance at Target so it was cheap. I framed my favorite pictures of them, which I am sure I will constantly be adding to and/or switching out as they grow. 
 The "R" is from Anthropologie (yep, that's right, on sale) and is actually cut out of an old book. The Hot Wheels are from my hubby's collection.
 The "C" is from TJ Maxx, and the duck is from Salvation Army in Ann Arbor. He was 99 cents. The carving on him is so intricate. Hard to see from here, but up close it's reminds me of scrimshaw. There are initials on the bottom so you know he was handmade. So many interesting finds at thrift shops!
 The half round table is from Meijer. I was looking for a thrifted one, but honestly, the price (on sale) of this one was so comparable! Meijer is really stepping it up in the home decor section - I am impressed. I had not intended to match and have dark wood for both the shelves and table - it just happen to work out that way.
 I started pulling together more classic boy objects.... old books (Grandpa worked at Western Publishing, best known for Golden Books, so many are vintage there)...... a teddy bear...... the railroad light is from a vintage store downtown....... and I think my most favorite thing is the dinosaurs hanging around the frame!
I LOVE how this all came together! I have found in our new home that I am so much more into creating these special spaces.... putting a lot of time and thought into them..... enjoying finding collections of things that go together but still look effortless and casual. So challenge yourself - even if you only have a 3 foot space - you'll be glad that you did!

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