Monday, April 27, 2015

On Repeat

I have worn this outfit sooooo many times since getting this top. It is so easy and comfortable.
I met one of my best friends on Saturday for lunch and secondhand shopping. It was such a great day and so fun to visit some of my favorite places that I miss since moving. A content baby kept us company and I can't wait to show some of my awesome finds!
I am getting my hair done on Thursday at a new salon and I cannot wait! I friggin' hate my hair right now! I probably shouldn't point it out, but I like to keep things real. You can totally see about 5 inches on top of "different" colored hair since we moved. I of course had to find a new salon over here (after going to the same one for 10 years) and let's just say it has been disappointing. I've given this new place about 4 tries to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it's time to move on. Here's to hoping this new place is awesome!
I didn't realize until looking at these pictures, how much these jeans have bagged out. That's either a sign that I am dropping more baby weight, or else they're just prone to stretching. Either way, this billowy top helps with those few extra pounds at well.
When I saw the unique butterfly pattern on this shirt, it reminded me of the butterfly tank in this post that I got a few years ago. Seems I am drawn to butterflies in a mirrored like fashion. And speaking of baby weight, I can't fit into the jeans from that post yet which I am so bummed about because they are one of my absolute favs. The hips are really snug even though the rest of them are loose. Hopefully soon......
Outfit Breakdown:

Abella Pintuck Blouse (green colorway) : Anthropologie
Hi Rise Jeggings : AE
Apt 9 Aviators : Kohl's
Boots : Zulily

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