Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Decorating : Wheeled Things

When do a few objects become a collection? Do you ever start to notice a new "trend" in your life? I've come to find that I like decorating with "wheeled things", especially if it is an animal or figure. So I guess you could say it is now something I "collect". 

A year after we moved in, I created a more permanent display on the corner hutch in the office. I was able to showcase 2 of my pieces there: the horse was a gift from my Mother-in-Law when Jon and I were dating, and the sheep we found at a flea market this Summer for $2.00. The vintage peacock fan I got at a garage sale this summer. The mini crate used as a riser is from Meijer. The 2 candles were wedding gifts from Pier 1. The 7 pound weight is a reproduction from JoAnne Fabrics. My Mom got me the dried lantern flowers and I found the metal tin to put them in at Target in their dollar section. 
 A stock photo of our new "old" coffee table. Of course we would have loved to have gotten an authentic cart or made one, but sometimes cost and convenience wins. We saw this at Menards several months ago. Between the peacock cards, and now this table, shopping at Menards has become a lot more fun! Of course I did my research on this brand/model after seeing it, and seeing how much it was going at other retailers made the bargain hunter in me want it even more. Over $300 here. We got it for $179 plus 11% off with rebate. We found the perfect burlap lined wire baskets for the lower part at Meijer (waited for sale of course) for toy storage. Seriously, I feel like I am ALWAYS coming up with storage for kids stuff! It is a never ending battle. Oh hey, look at that bicycle on the table.... wheels on wheels!
Grandpa's baby buggy.......
And that teddy on the bench? He holds many a wheeled things as the seasons change. This past Fall, Kristen and I were out thrifting for our booth and she found a really cute pumpkin on wheels. That's the only bad part about shopping with friends - sometimes you fall in love with the same thing. Luckily, I was able to find a similar one on a later shopping trip.

And speaking of Halloween, here's a sweet Prim Pumpkin on a cart that I bought from my artist friend Jennie at Ghoultide Gathering in 2014. I just love the little mushrooms on it! She loves hanging out with her other Prim friends!
For Easter, our bear gets a chick!
This wonderful Santa was a Christmas gift from Kristen. She got him at a thrift store we often shopped at in Battle Creek (The Charitable Union), which is obviously good enough to make the drive back for!
This 2-dimensional sheep (to hang or prop on a shelf) I found at my local thrift store, The Copper Nail. I decided to offer him up for purchase at our booth at The Antique Mercantile, and someone scooped him up quickly!
Speaking of our booth, we get monthly newsletter from the owner. There was a picture on one of them of a wheeled bunny, so I inquired if it was available and how much. Unfortunately, she had used a "stock" photo for the mailing, not something that was actually in store. But low and behold, a few days later she emailed me saying that someone had brought in one! Funny how the universe works! I was heading there that weekend anyway to bring in some new merchandise so I picked him up. 
This little guy driving an egg car was found at TJ Maxx.
And, when your home d├ęcor starts to blend into your clothes...... just happened upon this little number by accident - swans on bicycles!?!?!? From Modcloth
And, a few pieces that still need to find homes. Bike and Buggy gifted from Mother-in-Law at same time as horse in first picture. Bear found at our booth store (The Antique Mercantile). My boys, and their love of things with wheels, is obviously rubbing off on me!

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