Tuesday, March 15, 2016

11 Reasons to take a second look at Meijer!

So, I've been thinking about this post for quite some time, and I know 11 isn't really a catchy number, but it is what it is! Ever since moving to Michigan 13 years ago, Meijer has been our main grocery shopping stop. Within the past few years though, their clothing selection causes me to do a double take as I am cruising through with my cart. In such a competitive market, every retailer is trying to stay relevant, and Meijer is doing a good job. They have a style blog and often reach out to popular bloggers to guest post. I know some people have ideas of where they will (and won't shop) for clothing. Not me, I can shop just about anywhere! The great thing about all of these pieces that I have personally purchased is they are in the $20-$30 range. However, Meijer often has sales, clearance racks, and if you are an MPerks member like I am there are special coupons there. They have their own brands - like Massini and Falls Creek - as well as ones they bring in. Without further ado, here are the finds I am excited about!

#1: This white tulle skirt
Yes, I was shocked a few weeks ago when I found a tulle skirt at Meijer! A white skirt has been on my list for a while now and I knew I wanted a classic "circle" style, below knee length. I wasn't especially looking for tulle, but this one is not so poofy that it is silly. I was pleasantly surprised by this find (it comes in black too)! For comparison sake, here is a similar one at Anthropologie for $168.
#2: Chambray!
Since I used one of these shirts in the outfit above, let's talk chambray. I've become a complete chambray lover over the years, but there is no need to spend a ton on a simple button up shirt from places like J. Crew and Madewell. Since I know how much I wear these now, it seems I am always on the lookout for them. Long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless...... they all have their purpose. The roll-tab tunic on the left is a classic tucked into skirts (like above) or thrown on over your skinny jeans or leggings. The sleeveless one on the right has a high-low hem and is so lengthy it could be a dress. Except it has large slits on the sides (which could be sewn up). Either way, it's going to be an easy, breezy summer staple. In addition to these, there is a cute v-neck tee style they are carrying right now. Want more detail on your chambray? I've seen some lace trimmed ones as well.
#3: Black Cowl Neck Tunic
 I've had this black cowl neck tunic for quite some time, and as you can see it is a great basic! I wore it tucked in (pregnant) on the left, and untucked on the right just this past Fall. 
$4: Knit Kimono
More comfy basics with this striped wrap! Another before and after baby comparison!
#5: Lace Trimmed Tanks
This lace trimmed tank is another great basic for layering. They seem to always carry these in a variety of colors.
 #6: Anthro-Look-A-Likes
It wasn't that long ago that I posted this "Get the look for less". And in this post alone, I've already referenced a few pieces that you'd see at higher priced store (the tulle skirt and the chambray tops). Craving more Anthro-like looks? I've seen a cut-out tee like this one there, as well as this cute tank.
#7: Marled Sweaters
I seem to be drawn to these funky looking sweaters. The striped one is from last year, and the hooded cardigan is from this year.
#8: Clearance Maxi Dresses
I did a few post at the end of last summer, when I scored these maxi dresses on clearance for $7!!! I wear these all the time!!! Creating a post of all of the outfit combos I have come up with for these is on my to do list.
#9: The "IT" Scarf
Moving on from clothing, let's talk accessories. If you search Pinterest for plaid scarf inspiration, 95% of the time this sucker is going to come up. It's been the "IT" scarf for a few years now, and it's popularity has brought it to many retailers including Meijer.
#10: Fun Jewelry
I love me some fun jewelry! I found both of these necklaces on the clearance rack. I swear I've seen the ombre braided one at Anthropologie. 
#11: Shoes!
So I've covered clothing and accessories...... off to the shoe section! From top to bottom, left to right. The flat black sandals I bought for my swollen pregnant feet (on clearance for $7.50). Sorry for the visual! But I have worn these so, so much even after having Carson. They are so comfy (probably because I stretched them out) and they go with dresses and pants alike.

The comparison picture is showing how I found a replacement to my favorite embellished strappy flats that are on their last legs. The in store picture are some wedges they just got in. That style (classic toe and ankle strap) is my favorite type of sandal of all time!

Black, strappy booties are so cute! In store picture of another new style they just got in. Strappy + Buckles = Heather Loves. I really like how the black pair has black buckles. Sometimes I don't want a silver or gold buckle standing out. I am anxious to try these on once we get into the warmer weather more. Coral colored lace up heels from a few years ago.
So, what do you think? Do you like shopping at Meijer for clothes? Or, if you haven't shopped there, have I convinced you?

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If only they had locations near Atlanta where I live! I've had my eyes set on that Anthro lokka tunic for about a month now!