Friday, October 28, 2016

Peacock Lace

Y'all know I am an Anthropologie "Sale" shopper..... but every once in a while, I treat myself to a full price item. Especially during my birthday month. I get my birthday discount, and then sometimes I get a wonderful gift card from my dear friend! So when I combine those two things, I can rationalize treating myself to something that is more expensive. 

For the past several years, Anthro has come out with these lace tops and it's followers go crazy over them! You'll see them all over blogs, instagram, pinterest, etc.... and they sell out quick. These tops have the same common design in that they are usually a swing (aka loose or trapeze) design, have a high neckline, and are short sleeved. Usually, they've been white and the designs that are most seen are lemons and pineapples! So, this Fall when they came out with a teal color and a peacock design...... well, you know how that turned out!

I am actually wearing this top backwards. My local store didn't carry it so I had to order it online. When I was reading the reviews, people complained about the pattern placement so I was concerned over whether I'd get a good one. The true front does have a peacock on it, but its head got cut off by the bust seam! I am always up for the challenge of making a piece that I love work for me, so there you go! I left the buttons open, which would have been up the back, so maybe next time I will button them up. 

a.n.a. High Rise Flare Jeans in black : JC Penney

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