Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Watermelon Tourmaline

Life has seriously been a blur lately, so not much time for blogging! Even though these pictures aren't the greatest, I still wanted to post them before some of the items sold out. For as long as I can remember, I have loved pink and green together. More specifically, muted tones of pink and green. So it's no wonder that when I got into jewelry making 15+ years ago, watermelon tourmaline became one of my favorite stones. It's organic hues range from almost black, to the palest blush, and I remember painstakingly selecting the strands I wanted at the gem shows I went to. And then trying to find the right wire and components since holes drilled into natural stones are so tiny!
Taking inspiration from the semi-precious gem into this outfit...... my love of Anthro's flowy tops continue here. Usually, most all that I have are the traditional empire waist (straight line under bust) so this one intrigued me with a more triangular line and mix of fabric. The triangular design is the same on the back and has a cute "T" like detail as well.
Anama "Quincy Tee" : Anthropologie (currently extra 25% off!)
Sandals : Payless
Necklace : Made by Me (see close up at end)

Anthropologie's current offerings of delicate tourmaline jewelry also inspired me for this post. Just search artist "Emily Gibbons" on their site to find these pretty pieces.
 And here are the necklaces I made so very, very long ago!

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