Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dresser Project

One of my projects this Summer was refinishing this cool dresser I got at a friends garage sale. When I first bought it, I thought I would flip it and sell it at our booth space. But then, as I started working on it, I just loved it too much! Plus, neither of the boys have dressers (although they do just fine with their well organized closets). But, you never know when you will need a good ole' dresser, even in a spare bedroom or repurposed in an entryway, etc...... I knew immediately I wanted to try a 2 tone finish on this, so I decided on a painted base and stained drawers. All the materials I used, we already had (sandpaper, paint, stain, brushes, etc...) so all I have into this is the $50 I paid for it and my labor.

It came with all of it's original hardware, which I was thrilled with! It also has a mirror attachment, but there was no mirror in it. I decided not to use it for the dresser, however I may repurpose that piece by putting a chalkboard into the frame and hanging it where we might need a chalkboard. I LOVE the keyholes even though we don't have they key and don't have a need to lock the drawers. I just went over all of the metal with some steel wool to brighten it up a bit while still maintaining its patina.
It ended up looking most at home in Carson's room for now. We used to have a bookshelf in this area, but it was an unorganized mess! The only problem with being a believer in "using what you have" is that the leftover house paint I used is pretty much almost every wall in our house! So if I were looking for it to "pop", I would have to paint it a different color (or use some tinted wax on it - I will be posting another project where I used this soon). I do, however, love the way it turned out - just as it is!
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