Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorite Sweater

I traded being surrounded by woods to being surrounded by fields. My animal friends used to consist of deer, turkey and the occasional coyote. Now they are cows and sandhill cranes. Every morning since we've lived here (and my drive when I commute to Battle Creek every other day for work) it has been gorgeous autumn weather. As the sun rises, the fog is lifting from the fields..... creating a magical atmosphere.

Of course that did not happen the morning I finally got out to take blog pictures.

But, I was determined to try anyway. After all, once you commit to getting your boots and jeans soaked in the dew, you want results! Even if they aren't the greatest.
 I was surprised that even though every house in our neighborhood has 2 acres, it was hard to find an area big enough to not capture them in the photos. This was my first attempt though, and there is lots more exploring to be done. I was able to crop some, but not others without distorting the image too much.
 This sweater I got last Spring on deep discount from Motherhood Maternity when I first found out I was pregnant. Since the weather was just starting to warm then, I only got to wear it a few times, but it quickly became a "favorite". It is so soft and cozy, and I love the rose print. Even though it's considered "maternity" you would never know it and I will wear it for years to come. I spotted an almost exact sweater at Kohl's here. As usual, I have basics underneath - a black tank and jeans both from Motherhood Maternity as well. These are my dark bootcut jeans that I had during my first pregnancy.
 I kind of figured we were going to have an "Indian Summer" this year, since our summer wasn't too hot. But honestly, now that I am at the end of my pregnancy, it can be so uncomfortable! I start out okay every day, but after lunch I am just a mess! Which is unfortunate because when Fall comes, we all know that we want to wear our seasonal favs like sweaters and boots. It seems like today is going to stay cool though.... we'll see.

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I love the photos. I thought they turned out so pretty. If this was your first attempt and they turned out so well, I cannot wait to see what other pictures look like in the future. You definitely can wear that sweater past maternity. I love the rose print, too. You look so beautiful.