Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Restyled and Randoms

I restyled some pieces over the long holiday weekend. The first 2 dresses, I had previously worn with my black tank underneath and bare arms. Due to the nature of the cut of the top of the dress (wide straps) I felt they made me look wider. Maybe it's all in my head, but I liked them much better with this black tee layered over the top and tied in a crop like fashion.
You can see how I previously wore this dress here. Other things I changed out this time? A different necklace and sandals. I wore this to run errands on Sunday.

You can see how I previously wore this dress here. I also have a different necklace and sandals on this time. I wore this to the zoo yesterday.

 This is what I wore today as I treated myself to a pedicure during my lunch hour. I can't reach my toes, and the splurge will get me through this last trimester and the end of open toe season. I wore this skirt with a different top, sandals and necklace.

Things are getting busy here, and after months of feeling "paralyzed" I actually feel like I accomplish something most days. Living in limbo and with so much stress, I just never knew where to even start when it came to my long list of to do's. So, I procrastinated and avoided which then made me feel even worse. I know that wacky hormones did not help with this.
We had a promising showing on Friday, with hopes of an offer on our house soon.
Jon posted one of his "project" cars on Craig's List and has gotten several calls, so I am praying it sells so it's one less thing to move.
We got the pool closed, which was sad because we hardly used it this year. We took a last swim and I wonder how much I will miss having a pool at the new house.
Jon repaired a section of our fence that came down during the Winter. The quote we got to fix it was just under $500 and he did it in about an hour with $50 worth of materials. I am so thankful that he has so many skills.
I am calling around to put end dates on services like garbage pickup, cable, etc..... I also upgraded my phone for free and reduced my monthly bill - no brainer!
We had a lot of nice time to relax too, which was much needed. I scrapbooked a lot of our pictures which felt good. Scrapbooking is a hobby I've had for many years, but haven't done much of since I had Richard which is ironic because I take even more pictures now! I know I will probably never be "caught up", but it was nice to make some progress. We also went to our zoo for the last time.
We have a long checklist from the movers, so there is a lot of prep coming up. I know that people move all of the time (sometimes every few years). I honestly do not know how they do it. That is so not me!

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I am loving the top tied like that over the dress. I often wear a tee over a dress with straps I do not like, but I am really liking the way you tied it. I want to try this this week.

I am so glad you are feeling better. I am having those feelings this week. I keep putting things off and I really need to tackle my to-do list. Moving sucks. Hopefully yours will ge a nice smooth transition. It is so nice that you have movers. Also wonderful that your husband is so handy. That definitely helps!

You look absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous in all three looks.