Thursday, October 2, 2014

Little Bridge

There is a low spot on our property that has a drain. The previous owner decided to create a huge circle of stone and rock around it and cover it with a weird little bridge. To me, this just draws attention to it even more and doesn't really make sense.
 From previous landscaping projects, we know how much money is laying there in materials. We plan to improve the design and probably turn it into a cozy fire pit someday. I just thought it would be a fun place to take blog pics, until........
 .........see the white smudge on these next 2 pictures? Since my tripod was on the uneven rocks, it tipped over and my camera lens got scratched! Ugh! Thank goodness I have a backup camera. I guess I will have to decide if I want to take this one to have the lens replaced.
 I am just remixing a previous formula that I've already posted about : maxi dress with a cropped sweater. All pieces I've had for at least a year or more, so I apologize I don't have any links.

Black Maxi Dress : Target
Dolce Cabo Cropped Sweater : Zulily
Bare Traps "Armandy" Boots : Macy's
So happy to have gotten my hair nice and blonde again yesterday! I am about 32/33 weeks along today.

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Oh my gosh Heather! I read this the other day and could not stop laughing. That bridge! It is amazing. I cannot wait to see what you do with the drain. I think the previous owners had a gnome that lived there or somethin'. That sucks about the camera lens. I wonder how much it would be to replace. You look beautiful. I love the long maxi. I bet Richard loves that bridge!