Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Month

Today officially marks one month until my due date! I had a doctor's appointment, and am now going every week. I don't have anything exciting to report (like, I'm dialated already). Just a good report of "everything is perfectly normal". However, we are in the mindset that this little guy could come anytime now (same as we were with Richard). Meaning, I am getting my bag packed and will have it in the car with me at all times. I will start to wonder with every outfit post, if it will be my last pregnancy post. Richard was 5 days early, not that it means anything this time around.
 We are just plugging along and in a nice routine. I do still plan to do some posts about the move / decorating as we have been having so much fun settling into our new home. I am preparing for my last day of work on November 7th, after being with Kellogg's for 10 years. But right now, I commute into the office every other day (an hour drive one way from the new digs) and work from home the other days. The drive has been peaceful and enjoyable, however the weather has been cooperative. I don't think I'd want to be that far from work long term because if you so much as have to stop at the grocery store on the way home, it seems to throw your whole evening off. All of a sudden I look at the clock and it's like "what the hell happened?"
 Things are getting more "real" as the days go on when preparing for the baby. We added the baby seat back into my car and put Richard on the other side in the backseat. After getting him out of the drivers side for 3+ years, it is SO WEIRD to get used to getting him out of the other side. I am anxious about getting around when I am by myself with 2 little ones. Richard is independent in so many things, but depending on his mood he still will demand help for things he knows how to do. I realize this may worsen when baby brother comes. I am sure that he will have days of being super helpful and others where he wants his Mama to dote on him. I know it will be an adjustment for all of us. The worries you have when you are having your first, like pretty much how to care for this little life in all aspects and what if, what if, what if....... pshhhht, I wave my hand at that. Even though all babies are different, I feel pretty confident in those aspects. So now the concerns are, how to handle a toddler AND a newborn.
 I've commented that my "uniform" the first 2 trimesters was dresses and skirts. So if there is a "uniform" for this last one, jeans with a tank/tee topped with some sort of loose kimono, cardigan, sweater, wrap, shawl, poncho type thing is it! This will be documented in my 3rd trimester review I am sure. I do feel a bit burnt out when it comes to getting dressed, which I know is normal. I think mostly because my footwear selection is limited. I have to plan outfits around the few pairs of options that fit my hobbit feet.
 Today's outfit is no exception. I am sporting a new shawl. When Jenni posted about Mara Hoffman's Eye Shawl earlier this year, I thought it was pretty darn cool. Anthropologie had sold out of them and it was hard to find elsewhere. I have long admired Mara Hoffman's designs (right now only owning this piece here). She is known for tribal designs with some collections leaning towards a specific culture. There have been quite a few pieces with Egyptian influence which is what I would categorize this as because of the eye. Being totally drawn into the tribal trend the last few years AND liking Egyptian history, this piece drew me in. Plus, it's unique color combination (neon pink, cornflower blue, mustard yellow) was like nothing else I had in my closet. I could not find the true Mara one, so this one is a knockoff that you can find here.
 I am wearing it with my all time favorite maternity jeans (Motherhood Maternity) that I seem to wear most every day, a non-maternity black top from Meijer (love the thumb hole detail in the cooler weather), and boots from Zulily. This last trimester "uniform" is going to be a great recovering Mom go-to outfit as well! Comfy and classic with coverage for nursing. I know I will be posting more of these combos!

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GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It looks SO good on you! I love it! You can not tell it is not the real deal at all. I love that you got it. The colors are great on you. You look beautiful. I cannot believe the countdown has begun! So exciting! My children were about the same age apart as yours will be and honestly, it was great. And everything seems easier with the second (except for sleep, that is still hard). I am so excited! Please keep us informed of the new baby! I cannot wait.


Jessica Jannenga said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You look lovely! I really like the cape on you, and the color of the boots are my faborite. Congrats!
From the link up,
please stop by, jess xx