Monday, October 19, 2015

Olive "U"

Being interested in fashion blogging can often make you want things you normally wouldn't choose yourself or need. Just think about it..... you're scrolling through your news feed and you love those shoes she's wearing...... and you love that dress she's wearing. And since most bloggers link right to the products they are featuring, it's super easy to click on over and hit "buy". Now that I have been doing this for a while, I've gotten much better at sticking to my true style and really questioning my purchases. Since I am someone who is always editing my closet, I can truly see the trends in what ends up in the piles for eBay, the consignment shop, and to donate. It tends to be impulse buys and/or ill fitting items that I thought I could make "work". Obviously though, bloggers are doing a good job (and making money) if you click their links and make a purchase.

The 2 toppers I am featuring in this post - an olive jacket and vest - are items I've wanted for quite some time. I see them over and over and over again on my favorite blogs so I was convinced they would become favorite staples for me too. I mean, how often do I wear my jean jackets? Several times a week! I guess I was just waiting for the perfect pieces and it was something I wanted to try on for a good fit; not order. So without further ado......

If you are looking for an olive jacket, you can search just about any site for "army", "utility" or "anorak". I ended up finding mine at Kohl's and it is a soft, sweatshirt like material. Truly soooooo comfy! I've already worn it quite a bit! Normally, I would be really boring and throw it over a black dress but I was inspired by Pinterest to pair it with navy. 

Falls Creek Maxi Dress - Meijer
Quadrivium Belt & Seychelles Wedge Sandals - Anthropologie
Necklace - made by me
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses - TJ Maxx

 I found my vest at TJ Maxx. It's Lucky Brand and a linen mix so it's really soft and fluid.

Lucky Brand Vest - TJ Maxx (similar)
Peacock Scarf - handmade by Kristen w/ vintage fabric!
Apt 9 White Long Sleeve Tee & Aviator Sunglasses - Kohl's

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