Thursday, October 8, 2015

Selfie Style

I don't always get to take a proper series of outfit pictures on a daily basis..... but then again, it's not always necessary. Of course I wear things over and over again and in the interest of not being boring here, I don't post repeats unless I have changed up the pieces enough (in my mind anyway). I realized that taking "selfies" would be a perfect way to capture a look where I might have only changed an accessory or two.
For instance, this dress and this necklace?!?!?!? I do not know why I didn't see how great they went together the first time I wore the dress here! Necklace can be seen previously here and here.
Suitcases!?!?!?!? I love vintage suitcases so when I saw this print at Anthropologie, I just had to have it. Layered Swing Tank by Porridge, on sale for $29.95 and I snagged it during the extra 30% sale. Black high rise jeans (American Eagle), grey cardigan (actually maternity that my Mom gifted me for Christmas when I was pregnant with Richard), sandals (Meijer), wood necklace (Charitable Union thrift shop, Battle Creek).
 My navy version of the $7 dress I got at Meijer, sandals (Payless), one of my two jean jackets (TJ Maxx), made to feel new and exciting with a peacock feather scarf from Anthropologie.

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