Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Clutch Experiment

On Saturday night, I found myself going out on a rare date with my husband to celebrate his birthday. I thought I would take the opportunity to take my new(ish) clutch out for a night on the town as well. You see, whenever I (we) go out without the kids, I end up lugging around my purse/diaper bag anyway. I am usually too rushed getting out the door or I forget that I can use something else.

Of course I fell for the kaleidoscope peacock feather print (not shown on the link anymore) but then when I saw the price I was like...... WHAT!??!?!
Yes, four-hundred-and-forty-eight-dollars.
Now, I appreciate designers, artists, quality materials. But I am just baffled sometimes at how they come up with these prices. I would love to talk to the person who would shell out that much money for something like this. Anyway, I got it for the sale price of $49.95 plus it was during one of the extra 25% off deals making it around $38.

The front is a canvas like material with the print on it. The back is a nice, soft black leather. I threw my wallet, lipstick, and phone in it and went out the door. Now here is where the experiment part comes in. So often I see bloggers sporting their clutches on a daily basis. I've always wondered how practical this type of handbag is for every day. Are they really using it or is it just a prop?

Let me tell you, it's not practical! I had a hard time with it just for one evening out!

Sure, I had my essentials with me, but you have to either hold this or tuck it under your arm making it hard to do things with 2 hands. At dinner, we sat at a tiny table. Romantic? Yes. Room for your clutch? No. And I couldn't just hang it off the back of my chair. So I put it on the floor. Yes, a valued at $450 accessory on the floor. Later, I paused in the bathroom stall thinking about where to put it and finally decided to carefully balance it on the toilet paper holder. Lastly, at the movies it was too slim to stay in the seat next to me like my normal bag would have so I had to awkwardly hold it on my lap the whole time.

All kidding aside, this is still a beautiful piece I will get use out of. Since I do carry a larger daily bag, I have a similar pouch of the same size inside that holds small things so they don't get lost in the mix. I can totally see this clutch taking its place to make things a little more exciting. I'd rather use something every day instead of just for special occasions. And seriously ladies, if you truly are using those clutches you have pictured, hats off to you!

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What a gorgeous bag! I don't have a lot of clutches but agree with you that they present all sorts of logistical details. I usually end up putting them behind my back on the chair...