Saturday, September 5, 2015

Obsessed With: Oil Painted Florals

There are so many times when I recognize trends in what I am buying which then soon turn into what I consider a "collection". I really love oil painted florals, or what would be called "still life" paintings. I just love the depth and texture that is captured, so when I see that replicated in a fabric print (or even painted onto the fabric) I am drawn to it. I've also noticed they are usually dark, moody colors. Here's what I've pulled together in my closet thus far:

#1, #4, #6: interesting that these three pieces all came from Target! The two tops are Merona and the dress is Xhileration. Another coincidence is #4 and #6 both came from consignment shops.... with the tags still on!

#2: Nice Things "The Art of it All" dress/tunic. Modcloth via eBay

#3: Mi.iM Red Kola Slip-On Shoes via Zulily. This is the first pair of shoes in this style that I've owned so they are a little out of my element. I haven't worn them yet, but I am sure they will be in heavy rotation once the weather starts cooling.

#5: handmade necklace from the Art Center of Battle Creek gift shop

#7: an oil painting Jon bought at an estate sale, and then he made the frame out of a pallet. We both LOVE this piece!

#8: Motherhood Maternity tee - early in my pregnancy with Carson

#9: my beloved tote that looks like it is made from old canvases sewn together. Swarm via Anthropologie.
AND, what I don't have but am inspired by:

#1: HD in Paris "Emerald Isle" Skirt via Anthropologie. I missed out on this one, but there's always eBay...

#2 & #3: Pilcro Rosegarden Jeans via Anthropologie

#4: Pilcro Rosegarden Jacket via Anthropologie. Both the jeans and jacket look like a possible DIY project???

#5: Trina Turk Dress via Anthropologie. You can find this brand at lots of other retailers, so you can bet I will be watching for the best sale price when the time comes! A closer look reveals the brushstroke feel!

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