Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Second Time Around

If you're someone who follows fashion, you probably know how quickly things become outdated. For instance, designers may choose a print/pattern to use on several pieces of their line but then after that season is over they are discarded by people who can afford those high end brands in the first place. This is especially true if the print is bold enough to remember and is publicized to death seen on celebrities or popular bloggers.
I don't view my closet in that way, so it's not a problem for me. I am someone who likes to wear unique prints and if I still like it, I am still wearing it even if it is "last year".
So I was really super excited when I saw that Corey Lynn Calter was using this gorgeous floral again this Fall. She had first used it 2 years ago and at the time I was contemplating buying something. The dress that Anthropologie carried at the time was only in Petities I think, and it was more of a sheath/pencil style that I usually don't go for. I remember there were pants and a blouse too (on other sites) and I was eyeing up the blouse. I never ended up getting it. But that is okay because this dress so so much more ME.
Anthro is carrying 2 dresses in this print right now:
This is the Tallulah Dress
And then there is the Paeonia Dress
I haven't checked any other sites to see if she has any other pieces this time around.
Let's start with the print first. It has a very vintage feel to it. For some reason, I am picturing a couch in similar colors and florals that my Great Uncle Joe's longtime girlfriend Evelyn had in her house. I just can't pinpoint it exactly though. The "peacock" colors (without being a peacock print) gives me endless options to mix the look with different accessories I already have. I cannot wait to see how many different necklaces, sweaters/jackets, tights, shoes, etc.... I can wear with this (of course I will show all the options here). Other details I love about this dress: the flowy bottom, uneven hem, and thick band of different print.
What I'm wearing with it today (all pieces I've had for years):
Covington Shrug Sweater - Sears
Apt 9 Belt - Kohl's
Necklace - Coldwater Creek
Seychelles Sandals - Anthropologie
This is the 3rd piece of Ms. Calter's I now own, the other two being peacock feather prints.
Dress here (oh how I wish I could fit into this right now) and blouse here. The blouse was in the same Fall 2013 collection as the first round of this floral, but it wasn't until after the new year that I scored it on sale. Ms. Calter's garments are definitely worth waiting for but I was not missing out on this print again! Thank goodness it's my birthday discount month at Anthro!

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That's a lovely print, and a lovely dress on you!