Sunday, April 28, 2013

Before & After



When I saw Corey Lynn Calter’s “Kimono Plumes Midi Dress” on the Anthropologie website, it was love at first sight. As usual, I waited for sale which happened right after Christmas. It was one of those awesome % off the already sale price, and I had just gotten some Christmas money. Done! With any new item of clothing, I am so excited to wear it that I try to “make it work” even if it is not season appropriate. The top was a bit blousier than I cared for so I topped it with an edgy black jacket (TJ Maxx) and some black boots. It just wasn’t right….. the length of the dress bothered me too.

Luckily, I was inspired by Molly (of Anthromollogies) post about how she altered this dress (as well as other clothes). Of course I had been to a tailor on many occasions for other things so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it for this situation. I am so glad I did! I am much happier with the dress now and it looks better as you can see in the results. Softening up the look with the brown in the belt and on the shoes is something I like too. As hard as it was to purposely cut off the lovely peacock feathers, it was necessary to the overall beauty. After all, peacocks shed their feathers every Spring, right?

Outfit, featured on this week’s Reader Outfits over at Effortless Anthropologie:

Corey Lynn Calter “Kimono Plumes Midi Dress” – Anthropologie

Apt 9 Belt – Kohl’s

Necklace – TJ Maxx

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So glad you "made the cut" too, Heather!:) Looks FANTASTIC on you! I just wore mine again last night for a fancy date with rose colored tights. Such a better length! Thanks for the shout-out!