Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Long and Short of It

Sometimes..... sometimes you have to try, try again to get an outfit just right. I got Maeve's Augusta Swing Dress (Anthropologie) on super sale earlier this year. I just loved the floral print that was very "painterly" like. To reel in it's volume, I knew I was going to belt it. This was everyones main complaint in the reviews. I was also worried about it's length and sure enough at the first sign of nice weather I wore it with bare legs and open toe booties. It was too short and I felt uncomfortable all day. There is nothing worse than hating what you are wearing all day, am I right? 

I remembered layering one of my other short dresses last summer over a basic black dress (see post here) so that is what I tried in look #2. I felt the proportions were off and it was too long.

If you remember my Meijer post here, you'll remember how happy I was that they were selling tulle skirts! I got both the white and black - I mean, honestly, how could you not at the price! On a lot of the boards I am on, people talk about "extenders" for their dresses, which are basically like slips but might have some pretty lace on the bottom or something. This is the same concept as layering a long, lace trimmed tank under a top that you feel is too short. So, I thought why couldn't my tulle skirt be like an extender? It ended up being just the right length I needed and now I can't wait to try both the black and white tulle skirts as layering pieces!

I cannot stress enough...... if you really love a material or print, but the style isn't working for you, try, try again! In this case, I was able to create length and shape with an extra layer and belt. If something is too long can you hem it? Don't like the sleeves on something, can you make it sleeveless? If you don't sew, many tailors can do these things at a reasonable price.

In the "too short" pics, I am wearing Fergie open toe booties and a necklace from a home party I can't remember the name of now.

In the "too long" pics, I am wearing a J. Crew dress underneath (consignment), Rockport ankle strap wedges, Jessica Simpson sunglasses, and handmade peacock necklace by Round Rabbit.

In the "just right" pics, I am wearing a black tulle skirt (Meijer) underneath and Catherine Malandrino "Yavko" heels.

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