Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adding to the Collection

Last September, I noticed a trend (see post here). I noticed that my love for still life oil paintings was spilling into my closet. Still loving that trend, when I saw this dress I knew I had to have it! Not only do the flowers look painted, but there are actual framed paintings in the print. This is a LuLaRoe piece, and the other Amelia style dress that I have (the first being the black/white stripe one I posted a few weeks ago). Keeping the accessories simple, yet matchy, I threw on my real little painting necklace which kept flipping over which I didn't notice until I loaded my photos. So, you can see the artist signature on the back. I then added some of my favorite staple pieces: Hei Hei olive jacket (Anthropologie board) and Payless sandals (afraid I am going to wear these out - I love them!).
Whether you collect art for your walls - or your closet - or both - it certainly makes life interesting!

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What sz Amelia do you wear? and what are you dimensions if you dont mind me asking. I just bought my first on in the peacock print and am scared of how it is going to look on me. :(