Thursday, August 20, 2015

Layered Lanterns

I couldn’t resist this cute lantern print (I love fun prints)! But the style (trapeze) and length of this dress was not the best for my body type. What’s a girl to do?

Layer it and belt it!

I layered it over my trusty black J. Crew dress (consignment shop find from years ago) and gained the extra hemline inches I wanted. I’ve always wanted to try this, but you have to have pieces with proportions that work. I want to experiment more with this, and will keep it in mind when shopping in the future – not only for pieces that I want more length on but also for basic dresses, skirts or slips that might work for the under layer. You could even get daring and mix prints/patterns or have a bit of lace sticking out (lace trim seems to be all the rage the last few years).

On another note, a few Indian designers that Anthropologie carries have piqued my interest as of late (the maker of this dress – Preeti S Kapoor - being one of them). While her roots are in traditional ethnic garments, she creates gorgeous “Western” wear that is colorful and full of details!

Lantern Line Swing Dress – Anthropologie 
(“swing” indeed! It was fun swooshing around in the wind the day I wore this, as documented!)

Black J. Crew Dress – consignment shop

Kate Spade Necklace – TJ Maxx ($10!!!!)

Total Motion Ankle Strap Wedge – Rockport (gift)

Jessica Simpson Sunglasses – TJ Maxx

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