Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Trimester Review

Since I didn't publicly announce my pregnancy until 12 weeks, I thought I'd do a little recap since knowing about the wee one at 4 weeks. I will plan to do recaps after the 2nd and 3rd trimesters as well. Like I mentioned previously, I am excited to show some fun tips and tricks for maternity style. All of the clothes pictures here - in my 1st trimester - are normal clothes I already had. I think (or hope) that most people can get away with this. Even though, I will say, it is true that once you have a baby any consecutive ones show much MUCH quicker! I swear, the moment I peed on that stick my pants got tighter! Way back in that first post on 3/17 I hinted around to the fact of living in maxi dresses all summer long.
Speaking of maxi dresses, that is tip #1. Throw a cropped jacket over it like I did here. Pair it with a sweater like I did here and here. Tie a button down shirt over it like this example. Or, just wear the dress alone!
Not only maxi dress, but maxi skirts (with elastic waistbands) are going to be a great friend in tip #2. For both of my looks (one and two), I tucked in a tank top and threw my favorite jean jacket over it. Your "waist" will start at the top of your bump.
Tip #3: We all have jeans (or pants) that fit us different. You know what I am talking about - on those good days you pull out your "skinny jeans". Well, in the first trimester you are going to do the opposite - pull out your biggest jeans, or ones that have stretch to them. That's what I did here, here and here.
Similar to maxi skirts with elastic waistbands, are the wide leg pants with elastic waistbands I talk about loving so much. The "dressy" pajama pant. That's tip #4 here.
If you are trying to hide your belly until you are ready to tell people (uhhh, see my comment above about popping out much quicker - hello!), tip #5 is to embrace that over sized trend and wear loose tops, big sweaters, etc... as I did here and here.
Last, but certainly not least, tip #6 is to wear things that you know you will not be able to wear in the next 2 trimesters. Sort of a closet bucket list! It can be sad knowing that you won't be able to wear certain clothes or shoes for quite some time, but I am the type of woman who loves being pregnant and embraces my changing body. I knew I had to wear this dress now, as it is a form fit with no give to the fabric. And since this skirt does not have an elastic waistband, I had to give her a spin out and about.
Hmmm, so besides getting dressed everyday, what else is going on? I feel a lot more relaxed the second time around. I remember with Richard I read pregnancy books and blogs so that I knew what was going on each and every second! This time, I quick scan through a reminder email that I get that tells me what week I am in and what to expect. Who knows if I truly am more relaxed or if it's just the fact that I don't have as much time with a toddler. Same goes with writing stuff down..... I kept a calendar last time with my weight, cravings, etc. This time, I couldn't tell you how much I have gained. I do plan to do a pregnancy scrapbook, which I did last time as well. Which I will actually have more pictures for because of this blog. Symptoms are about the same as what I had before - tired and nauseous. Same food aversions (chicken - ewwww!) and cravings (mac & cheese, carbs, comfort food, salads, tomatoes, vinaigrettes, BLT's).
So far, everything has been good. I can't wait for what's to come, and hope I am still this excited about dressing my bump come the middle of summer!

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What great tips! You look beautiful. I never would have guessed you were hiding a baby bump. I love how you are wearing your maxi dresses. I cannot wait to see how you style the remainder of your pregnancy.

I never wrote anything down. For either pregnancies. I just remember wanting milkshakes and nothing else. Oh man, no chicken?! I never had that aversion.

Very cool to make a compilation. Great idea!