Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Designer Collaborations

If you are a lover of fashion, you know that designers often collaborate with retailers to create collections that are affordable for the everyday woman. Stores like Kohl's, Target, H & M, Macy's to name a few. They can be huge hits, or serious clearance rack finds. Quite often, people line up at stores the day collections will release. My neighbor works at Target and I remember her telling me the Missoni release was like Black Friday! People are not only buying for themselves, but also to resell on eBay. This often causes items to sell out quickly and then those who miss out are forced to pay more than retail if they really want an item. Not cool. Retailers do put a limit on how much you can purchase, but it still happens.

Before I get into my latest purchase, I thought I would review some collections I've loved in the past.

In 2010, it was Liberty of London for Target. I still own all of these items, and really need to style them for the blog. The piece I get the most use out of is the swimsuit.

In 2011, Gisele was involved with a line at H & M. I scored this peacock dress just last summer though on eBay.

In 2012, it was Nicole Richie's designs for Macy's. A dress here, a skirt here. I have a blouse as well that I have not shown on the blog yet.

Are you seeing a pattern here? I am obviously in tune with the designers who love peacocks just like me! But, I have broken my pattern now by purchasing a piece from Peter Som's recent collection with Kohl's. Peter has collaborated with Anthropologie in the past, and this postcard maxi skirt reminded me of Anthro. Plus, I tend to be drawn towards travel prints.

This skirt has a lot of cute details - a drawstring waist with a tie, pockets, and buttons up the front. Remember to shop Kohl's sales armed with coupons! I don't often wear my purse for my blog because honestly, I do not change my bag to match outfits. But when it just so happens to match, you can bet I will include it! This little postcard print purse was a find from this past weekend - a trip to the cute little town of Holland for their tulip festival. It is really and truly a departure from what I normally carry! My bags are usually 4 times this size. And not a crossbody. I am excited about this change though - downsizing and have more security chasing a little one. We'll see how I adjust.

Blue tank
Gap jean jacket - consignment shop
Rampage Venyce caged lace up sandals - Meijer
Postcard purse - J B and Me

What designer collaborations have you loved over the years?


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this whole outfit. I was wondering how you were going to style those shoes. And they are so good with that whole look. I love the pops of red you added. And the denim jacket looks so good.

I have missed out on every collaboration. I am just not on top of it. I need to be but I'm not. : (. I really like your Nicole Richie pieces. Those are so pretty. Now I need to start looking harder! You are inspiring!


Whimsical Preppy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I loved the Target Liberty line and have a few of the dresses. I like the latest Kohls line but I forgot about it, so when I happened to walk in one day they were limited. That Maxi skirt is great and I then remembered I have an old skirt from the Gap that has a similar print.
The Target collaborations have really slowed down. I miss them.
Have a nice evening,