Friday, May 23, 2014

All Eyes

Peacock eyes are either used to attract mates or ward off predators. Since I am trying to do neither here, I like to think they are protecting.... watching over me and the baby.
As I curate my closet, I become pickier about peacock pieces because there truly is a lot out there. When I saw this dress on Zulily (by a brand named Lbisse) it really struck me as unique. The kaleidoscope pattern of feathers up the front and back is really cool. Since it is such a bright lime green in person, I decided to tone it down with a neutral sweater and heels. Also, this is probably the tightest dress I own in the regard of "showing off your assets", hence the big flowy sweater to help me feel a little more comfortable. This dress is definitely one of those "bucket list" pieces that I knew I had to wear now because it will not stretch much more!
I just came from a doctor's appointment here, and everything is happy and healthy! We get to find out what we are having on June 27th! I have to come up with a fun way to reveal..... Pinterest here I come!
Lbisse Peacock Dress - Zulily
Gomex Heels - Zulily
INC International Concepts Cardi - Macy's
Apt 9 Aviators - Kohl's

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I love that dress! It is so good. That color. Especially with that beige cardigan! I think the pairing is perfect. So soon to find out what you are having! That is so exciting! Will you do a 3D image? We never had that option. Our kids were born after that cool invention.