Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chicago Deals

A few Saturdays ago, Richard and I made the trip to Chicago to meet my Mom for the day. We do these type of trips a couple of times a year, usually in the Spring and Fall. And, fortunately for us we luck out and get an unusually warm weather day! That's odd for April and November and it's even weirder that it's happened so many times for us!

The stores were already decked out in their lovely holiday decor....... the streets were already over crowded with shoppers. Our tradition is shop around the State Street area, especially Macy's (which I will always know as Marshall Field's). We have lunch at the Walnut Room there - one of the oldest restaurants in Chicago - with the huge Christmas Tree gracing the center. I've been doing this with my Mom since I was a little girl and I am so glad to start doing it with Richard.

One of my goals when I go to the "city" is to seek out brands, stores, etc... that are not offered in my area. One such example is the Impulse line that Macy's carries - and in particular, I was looking for the collection that Nicole Richie designed for them. Nicole is one of the many designers known for using peacocks in her work. This more reasonably priced collection for Macy's launced in September and I'd been following it online ever since. There were 4 dresses, a skirt and a blouse that featured a feather print. When I went to LA in early October, I was able to find and try on several of the pieces. But they had not been marked down enough for me yet and the one piece I was truly looking for was the long maxi dress, which they did not have.
Sure I could order online, but I hate paying for shipping when I don't have to and I hate not knowing if something is going to fit or not. Reviews can be helpful, but I still like to try things on if I can. And in this case - WOW - the dress I am wearing is a small and it's still huge!
So yes, I found and purchased the dress. Originally $89, marked down and then an extra percentage off for their One Day Sale plus a $10 coupon that you could use before 1:00 p.m. Grand total? $25! Sweet deal! Got a few more pieces from the collection at just as good prices as well!
I replaced the thin rope belt it came with, using my wide brown one instead. This one was definitely worth the wait!

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