Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yellow Peacocks?

When you think of a peacock, do you think of the color yellow? Yeah, me neither. Until recently. I have a few outfits to catch up on that had the common theme of peacock designs with yellow in them. Both outfits also share the same Apt 9 sleeveless shell from Kohl’s, and they are my casual Friday work attire.

This first look, I pulled colors from the scarf (Nicole Miller via TJ Maxx last year) to assemble my layered tops. The silky shell is a mustardy yellow, and my thrifted cardigan is a teal green. Quite a combo that I probably wouldn’t have put together if not for the scarf. Jeans are A.N.A. from JC Penney.

The second look features the “Royal Plume”cardigan from Knitted Dove (via JB & Me in Grand Rapids). It’s a repeating pattern of peacocks – both with their tails down and up – in that same mustard yellow and deep red. Red has seriously been my new favorite color this Fall! The necklace I am wearing is a piece of Amber my husband got me on his trip to Poland, and the jeans are Apt 9 from Kohl’s.

Which yellow look do you like better? The cooler version of teal, or the warmer version of red?

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I really love both versions, Heather. You've got some great style there, Girl! Love these looks and your photos are awesome. How are you getting these great shots? Are you taking them yourself with a tripod? They are really stellar.