Tuesday, November 20, 2012

America Recycles Week

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in 2 events that were put on by our Go Green team at Kellogg's. I'll start first by explaining Wednesday's "Lunch & Learn" where I did a presentation. Anyone in the company can come to these, and lunch is often provided. The presentation started out by explaining what Kellogg's has been doing and what they will be doing in terms of labeling our packaging for recycling. Then, several "green" artist bios were shared - all of whom either worked at Kellogg's or had close relation to someone who worked there. All of these artist's works have been on display at Headquarters for about a month or so.

Artist Jeff Blandford came to present about the type of recycled materials he uses in his pottery. Everything from the clay itself to melted glass and metals. He has been commissioned by Kellogg's to create bowls for gifts.
I then did a demonstration, creating a heart pendant out of tin. The layered heart I've developed has been a staple in my designs for a while now. I was able to show what tools I use, and how to do a cold connection with rivets. (I took the above pics of the auditorium while setting up, trying to calm my nerves.)

I also showed several design options I've used the shape for, other than just a simple heart.
The next day, Thursday, there was a Go Green Art Fair that I also participated in.
I wore one of my favorite statement tin necklaces.
It was nice to just show pieces that have been made from recycled materials. It made packing and displaying much simpler. It made me wonder..... what if eventually this became my only focus for jewelry?
It was fun to talk to people and everyone was very impressed by the unique ideas.
My friend Kristen (my photographer) had a table with the accessories she has been making out of old sweaters and buttons. She volunteers for The Charitable Union, so that is who she was representing here. She donates the flower pins to them to sell in their gift shop. They are too cute and I am lucky enough to own a few.
Tracy Bell of Copper, Glass and Recycled Trash was also in attendance (no photo). Tracy is very talented when it comes to making her own glass beads and using solder techniques in her jewelry. The coolest recycled material she uses is copper dug up from the street construction that we recently went through downtown!

Another artist had glassware that was made from wine and beer bottles. Clocks made from old records and guitar picks cut from expired credit cards were also represented.
I took these pictures a few weeks ago and wanted to share some of the art that has been on display. The canvas for these large character paintings is actually empty cracker boxes that have been taped together! So cool!

This flower is made from plastic spoons! It seriously looks like some kind of porcelain or ceramic.
Lots of collages made from cut up packaging......

Close up of the toaster collage......
It was a fun week of activites and I am glad to work for a company that supports this type of earth friendly creativity!

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