Friday, November 16, 2012

Train Stop

I was involved in a few events at work this week which required me to bring in my jewelry (I will post about the events next). You might remember this post about the transformation of a thrifted suitcase. The case is not only a beautiful display piece, but very useful in carting my wares about the town. Since I had it on hand, and my friend Kristen is always up for some creative fun, we decided to take some pictures at the train stop a few blocks away from our office building.

Ahhh, the story of this coat...... I bought it many years ago at Macy's after the winter season had ended. It's a beautiful black wool with floral embroidery. I get compliments on it almost daily - from both men and women - and now that I've dealt with that for so many years it's kinda getting old. Lots of questions about where I got it, if I made it, etc...... Oh well, I guess that's the price you pay when you want to be unique!

What I really wanted to showcase on this particular day was these awesome tights from Kohl's. When I saw them in the store my jaw literally dropped! Ya'll know I've got just about everything peacock there is and if I don't own it, I've probably seen it. But tights? Nope, I didn't have tights yet. What I like about these is they are a solid color so that tones down the obnoxiousness of them a bit, and makes them work appropriate if I pair them as I did here with a black skirt (Kohl's too) and a turtleneck in the same teal color (Macy's). The necklace I am wearing is made from a peacock feather tin, and you'll soon see a debut of it's design (with matching earrings) in the Winter issue of Jewelry Affaire magazine.

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You are most adorable. I love your photo shoot! And those tights are perfect. But I want those teal shoes! Can't wait to see your jewelry in the magazine! Enjoy the day. Erin