Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flying High

This is my last hot air balloon piece of clothing that I had not shown yet on the blog. To see the one I wore recently, which has links to 3 I posted last year, click here.
 Field & Flower Rainy Day Pullover (balloon motif) - Anthropologie circa 2012
A.N.A. Black Jeggings - JC Penney
Statement Necklace - TJ Maxx
So here's a pair of the shoes I showcased yesterday in action. They were most comfortable all day long! And, as I always preach, I am wearing my formula of flowy top = fitted bottoms. I am so glad that I remembered, before I hit "publish" on this post, that I had taken some pics of Anthropologie's Spring windows at the stores I have visited recently! The theme? Hot Air Balloons! It is always difficult to take pictures through glass, with the reflection and all. Enjoy!

 These 2 pictures are from the store on State Street (Block 37) in Chicago.

 And these next 3 are from my closet store in Grand Rapids, MI.

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I love that top. So jealous, because it got away from me. I love your shooties, too. They are so classic but edgy. I love the black color, too. It is different.

I love those store front windows you posted! Too cool! Those must have been so much work. I cannot imagine. And they look amazing. Thank you so much for sharing those. I always love seeing the clothing in the window, too!