Friday, April 4, 2014


Flashback from Monday...... after watching Frozen with my son all weekend, I was inspired by the beautiful costumes to wear this dress. Even though it's a short sleeve dress, the print says Winter to me, so I figured I'd better wear it before I looked too out of place. It's an older piece from Anthropologie (Moulinette Soeurs Swirling Villages Dress) which I scored on the trade market. It has villages (duh), reindeer, and all kinds of other cute tidbits. It's black and white pattern is offset by a colorful textile belt (which is awesomely removable to be worn with other things). I wore my colorful textile necklace with it. Oh, and the swirls on my sunglasses tie in too.
The only thing I am unsure about is my tan heels. I've realized that I really don't have any nice black shoes to go with dresses. I have black boots (both tall and short), black sandals, black flats, but nothing that goes with a dress like this. However, I do feel I've become more adventurous in my footwear so it might be okay.

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I need to see that movie! My kids have seen it with their grandparents and rave about it! I need to get it.

I need to track down that dress now. I love it. So much! Does it run big or small. It will not be an anytime soon purchase, cause my budget is done all ready for April. Man, I am so bad! Of course, I did coupon today and saved over 50% on my grocery bill, so it all works out! Anyway, love the dress.

I also like the shoes with it a lot. I do not like matchy matchy. And the necklace is perfect with it!

Super jealous of that great dress!