Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Long Skirt, Long Story

This is Free People's Lydia Maxi skirt. Here is another link for it on sale. I bought it at Nordstrom Rack for even less. How did I do it? The lovely Jenni of Gnome Lover clued me into it. The closest Nordstrom Rack to me (Grand Rapids) did not have it, but, like most any store in today's world they can locate items and have them shipped right to your door.
The fabric is like the softest t-shirt material, and feels wonderful! It has so much movement when you walk - like rippling water. It has an elastic waistband, and, a train. That's right, a train. What a cool detail but I am not sure what you would ever need a train for unless you were a bride. Luckily, the there are ties on the underside to "bustle" it up.
I test drove the skirt on Saturday night for a date with my hubby. I paired it with a simple white tank, jean jacket, long necklace, and grey boots. I know I have talked about my own fashion rules or formulas (i.e. full bottom/fitted top and vice versa) so here is a good example of another one. Since this skirt is the statement piece of the outfit, I always try to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple. This is a good rule of thumb for dressier pieces that you might want to try to wear on a daily basis - tone down the fanciness with casual pieces.
 Jon was ever so patient with me getting in and out of the car, so as not to catch the fabric in the door. This can happen with any maxi skirt or dress though, even if they are not this voluminous. I might add that we took his little Subaru (which he rally races in) so it was a bit more difficult anyway when I am used to my Ford Edge. I will also add that he still opens the car door for me. Sigh.
I found myself stepping on the skirt a bit, and having a general feeling of tripping and falling flat on my face. So before I wore this exact outfit to work yesterday, I cut some of the length off. Don't worry, it has an unfinished hem anyway so this is an easy fix. I found it much better, and it was comforting to know that I could cut even more off if I need to. The fabric will not fray, and because of the ruffles you do not need a perfectly straight line.
Thank you Jenni for sharing this with me! I just love it and I know I will love it for many years to come!

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GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh! Oh! Oh! You look BEAUTIFUL! I love this skirt on you so much. I love seeing how you styled it . That denim jacket is so fab! The length is perfect on you. I am so excited that you got it! You made me smile so big today!

And thank you for the mention. That was so sweet of you! Now I want to wear my skirt with a denim jacket, but it is 95 degrees right now. : (

I love your hair too. It matches the flowy ruffles!