Friday, April 11, 2014

Get the look for less...... spring/summer shoes

I have a confession to make...... I am really, really hard on my shoes. In the winter, they get dragged through snow, salt, etc.... And any other time of the year when socks aren't required, I walk around my house barefoot collecting all kinds of dust, dog hair, etc..... and as much as I try to wipe my feet off before putting shoes on...... it just doesn't really help. By mid-summer the insides of my sandals look like I am a dirty hippie. And lets not forget ladies, how the right heel gets beat up more than the left from driving!
Because of this, I do not like to spend a lot on shoes. I used to be the sort who would only buy leather - for durability, breathing, stretching, etc. But then I realized that I was really limiting my budget and my variety. Now, anything goes if the price, fit and style is right. That way, if something does get really worn out I do not have to feel too guilty about it. I was really excited to show my recent purchases for the upcoming seasons, so I decided to do just that while comparing them to some more expensive counterparts.
First up are these cute coral lace up shooties. What's a shootie? It's a cross between a shoe and a boot, most likely with a peep toe and some kind of cutout detailing. I fell in love with these when the lovely Tieka of Selective Potential did a styling post for our local big box store Meijer. I was like, "whoa, those are from Meijer?" Anytime I can pick up something fun during my regular grocery shopping I get excited. These were $39.99 and if you are an MPerks member (really easy digital couponing app) you can get 20% off today and tomorrow. The weekend I bought these I had that coupon clipped. So, let's compare the more pricey versions:

The same sandal, Rampage Venyce Caged Lace Up, is $59 at Macy's
I also spotted these Madden-Girl Vital Cutout Booties at Macy's for $69
Moving over to my favorite store Anthropologie, I found these similar looks:
 These are the Fioni Havoc Shootie Sling from Payless. When I bought them, they were on promo for $24.99 and I got the black. These are going to be so versatile for me - a great staple! I wore them yesterday and will post that outfit soon. You will see versions of this style at every major retailer. I narrowed down a couple from Anthropologie for price comparison:
Bari Shooties for $188
 Y'all know my love for buckles, so when on a recent shopping trip with a girl friend I fell in love with these Matisse Virtue Wedges at a boutique. Over $100? I can do better than that. That same day, we scouted out TJ Maxx and look what I found! The Restricted Diety Gladiator Sandal. The link I provided sells them for $59.99 but the TJ Maxx price was $24.99.
 Lastly, the shape of my foot has never really been conducive to ballet flats. I have tried many but they dig into the bone for my big toe or else I get blisters on my heels. When these came up on Zulily, I thought I'd give them a try though (hello? buckles!). The Restricted Three Wishes Flat is $49.95 here, but I paid $24.99 on Zulily.
So there you have it. For about $100 I scored 4 new pairs of stylish footwear that I am so looking forward to wearing!

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I love all of your shoes! I cannot wait to see you wear them! Those red shooties are my favorite! So pretty! I have a pair of red sandals I bought last year and I have not found much to pair with them. I am excited to see how and what you wear with yours.

Great deals! I have purchased two pairs of sandals this year and they were not good deals. I need to try harder!