Sunday, May 15, 2016

Buy Again Basics

If you were to do a search on "creating a core closet", you would probably find similar advice. Good pieces like: striped shirt, olive utility jacket, chambray shirts, little black dress, denim jacket, etc..... I never knew how versatile these items would be until I invested in them myself. I am truly a believer in the number of outfits you can put together with those garments, and am constantly inspired by other bloggers putting them together.

Recently, I started thinking about what my favorite pieces are. The ones I go to time and time again. And, the ones I buy WHENEVER I see them because I know how much use I get out of them. After putting this post together, I realized it is just tops and footwear, but you can see a post about the jeans I love here which I would categorize into this as well.

First up is a long, thin cardigan. The first one I got was the peach one (Free People via Nordstrom Rack) and then I found the tan look-a-like at TJ Maxx. I recently found some more look-a-likes at Anthropologie, Target and Sears (I will list all links below). As you can see, you can wear this buttoned up or not..... over pants or a dress. It's a nice layer that is not too bulky or hot. It's key features are: thin/ribbed knit, buttons, slouchy pockets, hi-low hem. I like paying around $20 - $30 for these. 

The Original Free People Beach Ribbed Up Maxi Cardigan - link
Anthropologie Semana Duster - link
Mossimo Duster at Target - link
Bongo Rib Knit Duster at Sears - link - my favorite find - the link is for plus sizes only, but my local store had a ton in both size categories in multiple colors!
When I was pregnant with Carson, my Mom and I were shopping at Macy's and she pulled this ruffled cardigan off the clearance rack for me. I was ho-hum about it at first, but after trying it on I fell in love. We all know there are tons of open/flowy cardigans out there..... but something about the ruching, cascading ruffle, and uneven hem really flattered the silhouette. I found that Anthropologie also sold a similar Line brand sweater under their names "Andesite" and "Quiet Moments" years ago. Since both options are long sold out, I have taken to my Buy, Sell, Trade groups and eBay to find more of these 2 in particular since I don't mind resale. I found 2 of the Anthropologie ones in the group in black and pink. And I found 2 of the Macy's ones, new with tags, on eBay in red and blue. My original tan one has gotten a few holes which I either need to repair or replace it - that is how much I love it!
A few weeks ago, I posted about how I found an Anthro-look-a-like swing tank at Meijer. Since then, I have found another exact option at Kohl's so I thought I would share the Sonoma Smocked Swing Tank too! Meijer has 4 colors and they are $22. Kohl's has 7 colors and they are $19.99 right now and then, of course, coupons. These are so easy to throw on alone or layered under something. I have already gotten so much use out of the ones I have bought!
The longer I am a Mom, the more I see myself gravitating toward flat shoes. It's just so much easier doing pickup at school, running errands, walking around the zoo - not to mention, much better for your alignment. Black ballet flats are one of those staples that will need to get replaced every few seasons. My latest favorite pick comes from Payless - the Caroline Flat to be exact. I didn't know I had tried on a wide width, until I went to check out and the lady confirmed that with me. Wow, no wonder they felt even comfier than normal! So, if you want even more of a slipper feel, go for wide! I took the little charms off of mine since I didn't really care for them.
From Payless last year, is the Val Gladiator sandal. I wear these non-stop. You can find similar criss-cross styles all over.
These Rampage sandals (mine are black) that I got on Meijer clearance when I was pregnant with Carson are another go-to pair. Again, a simple toe and ankle strap style is easy to find at a variety of stores.
I guess I do have to throw some heels in.... but not stilettos! If I do wear heels they are block or wedge style. I've posted on here before that the classic toe and ankle strap is my favorite style. This season, I found a great option at Target: Merona's Noemi Quarter Strap Sandals.
Last, but not least, my Minnetonka Mocassins. Who knew how much I would be wearing these over the years!!! Styles and color can change from season to season, but they are sold all over online and in stores. I got mine at TJ Maxx. I choose more of the boat shoe style, but I am anxious to try the traditional ones with the fringe.

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