Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rare Bird

A few weeks ago, I watched the documentary IRIS, about Iris Apfel. What an interesting person! Claiming that nothing she ever did in life she ever set out to do, or planned, she and her husband started out in the interior design business. Out of that, they found themselves starting up their own textile company, Old World Weavers. Over the course of their business, she decorated the White House for 9 different presidents! As she traveled the world, she picked up unique clothing and jewelry. Her signature style is like no other! She is easily recognizable with her big, round, black glasses. Her tiny frame supports not just one, but several statement necklaces! Same as her wrists, layered in bangles. Well into her 90's now, she is just as busy as ever.... curating art shows, designing window displays for posh department stores, and selling her own line of accessories (QVC) and home décor (One Kings Lane). It is said that she has one of the largest costume jewelry collections in the world. I just fell in love with her and her quirky New York apartment - what a treat it would be to have coffee with her! I really identified with her, as I love a good statement necklace, and also the fact that we both would rather have costume jewelry over real jewelry! So I thought it would be fun to round up my statement necklaces for an eye candy post! Get ready to see a whole lot of close ups of my neck wrinkles and moles - LOL!
Because of her travels, Iris's style can be very ethnic. I came close here, a few years ago, by layering 2 thrift shop necklaces.
Roberta Chiarella, sold at Anthropologie but I got on their site direct
Peacock Bib, made by me
Anthropologie - bought off the buy, sell, trade board
Target from a few years ago
Rhinestones! made by me - inspired by a Halcraft (Michael's) project
Rhinestone Bib painted by me with nail polish!
Made by me
One of my favorite Anthropologie sale finds!
Lenora Dame via Anthropologie
Lenora Dame look-a-like, made by me
Anthropologie look-a-like, made by me
Anthropologie via TJ Maxx
Anthropologie via TJ Maxx - the infamous $6 necklace!
Lenora Dame via TJ Maxx
Macy's flowers - post on this outfit coming soon...
Douglas Poon via Anthropologie - haven't posted about this one yet, but this designer likes to use lucite that looks like cut glass/crystal! Love it! Thankful I snagged this piece when it was percentage off of sale prices so it was affordable! $200 down to $40
Kate Spade via TJ Maxx - an unbelievable $10!!!
J. Crew Bib via TJ Maxx - $12.99! Have you caught on yet that TJ Maxx is great for jewelry!
A few shots from my closet shelves..... Upcoming post on those fab sunglasses too! My really cool peacock lady is from Anthropologie, by artist Florence Balducci. Another bargain find - $158 down to $50.
Peacock painting by local artist with whom I am taking a class with soon. I'll post about it!

I love that I can mix in art, pictures, special trinkets, etc... in "my space", just like Iris. If you would like to know the official names to any of the Anthropologie necklaces, to search for them yourself, just contact me.

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