Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Buy, Sell, Trade

You might have noticed that I've used the term "Buy/Sell/Trade" in posts lately. Or, refer to the "Anthro Board or Group". So, I figured I would go into detail about how online shopping has changed - for me at least. And what better way to do that than by showcasing a cute top I purchased in that manner.
I know I've mentioned on here before, the 3 methods I would use when I did a closet purge:
1. sell on eBay
2. sell at a consignment shop
3. donate
In turn, I have no issue with shopping for myself on eBay, consignment shops, and thrift shops. Heck, you find items new with tags anyway, but used clothing doesn't bother me. As with most things though, as companies/sites grow, more problems can arise. I started to find that selling on eBay became a huge pain! It was time consuming, hidden/increased fees, and I started to have more annoying interactions with odd people. Meaning, I would send something out and the buyer would claim it was damaged (even though I knew it wasn't). I would later see them list it for 3 times what they bought it for. Or, someone would ask me to change my shipping method and then not pay me. Seriously, I don't have time for this stuff. I am a busy, working Mom. I know there are some other clothing resale sites - like Poshmark, ThredUp, etc - but I am not familiar with them.
I've known about Buy, Sell, Trade groups on Facebook for quite some time - you can find a group for just about any brand you like. So of course I am involved in some for Anthropologie. When I finally decided to sell for the first time, it was so easy! I just posted a picture of the item, description, and price. The first person who claims it, you invoice them through Paypal so you are both protected should it go missing during shipment. And that's it! When my first few items sold within minutes, I was hooked! I've been buying and selling ever since.
Now that's not to say that the same issues I mentioned above still wouldn't happen in one of these groups. But for the most part all of my interactions have been very positive. You have members that are there for a specific purpose, so you know they are serious (not trolling eBay for whatever). And, I guess the power of being blasted on social media if you are not trustworthy keeps people more honest than bad feedback on eBay, I guess.
I am a member of some other groups too, and plan to feature those brands/experiences soon. To be honest though, there is so much shopping at your fingertips right through Facebook now. Besides the branded/store options, any home based business is in your feed too if any of your friends sell it: Scentsy, Jamberry, Wildtree, Pampered Chef, Younique makeup, oils, 31 bags, Matilda Jane, LuLaRoe, etc...... The other day I was thinking that this is ALL I seem to see when on Facebook sometimes. Surely a welcome distraction for the political nonsense! But seriously, is this what Facebook is evolving into?
Of course, the groups have rules and Admins who watch over everything. But that doesn't mean some online disputes don't happen. When there is a highly coveted item being posted, there can sometimes be a fight as to who claimed it first when all of the time stamps on the comments are the same. A highly coveted item is called a "unicorn" by the way. There are some other acronyms you need to learn, if you are not familiar with this type of shopping, like: ISO = in search of, NWT = new with tags, EUC = excellent used condition, GUC = good used condition, etc....
Anyway, I am loving it and my only issue now is getting to the post office. My small town post office is only open 9-4 and is closed from 11-12 for lunch - doesn't work with my 8-5 schedule. So I have to go to a nearby city office, or, I've found that customer service at Meijer does post office shipping.
So finally, to the outfit. I got this cute octopus top on the board. It was one I missed back when Anthro sold it. I wore it last week when we took the kids to the aquarium. My "just turned 5" year old snapped a few pics (the further away ones) for me with my cell phone right before we left. I must say, he did a pretty good job! So now, when I do a post and say I got something on "the board", you will know what I am referring to.
Anthropologie Maeve "Fritz" Top - buy, sell, trade board
Blue Cardigan - Express (old)
Mossimo High Rise Jeggings - Target
"Val" Gladiator Sandals - Payless (last year)
Jessica Simpson sunglasses - TJ Maxx

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