Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cinco de Mayo

This is what I wore on Cinco de Mayo, but it's also a "get the look for less" post too. At the bottom of this post, you will see the 2 styles of this dress that Anthropologie carries. At first though, they only had the long sleeved version. When I saw it, I loved the mixed patterns but was not fond of the sleeves. It's by the brand Donna Morgan, so I knew I could find it elsewhere. Anthropologie carries Donna Morgan on a regular basis, so always shop around! 
Once I started looking around online, I found a sleeveless version, with the best price for that one at Nordstrom. By the time I received it and wore it, Anthro also stocked the sleeveless one! I found this out when I went to post about my find on the Anthropologie Buy, Sell, Trade board I am on. It's so fun to share your excitement about Anthropologie deals with people who appreciate it as much as you do. And I know some ladies placed orders based upon what I shared. Speaking of the Buy, Sell, Trade board, I bought the gorgeous necklace I am wearing with the dress off of there!
What really boggles my mind, is how Anthropologie is charging more for a dress that doesn't have sleeves!?!! Also, charging more for the dress than on Donna Morgan's own website!?!?! Also, why do they refer to it as a maxi dress in one, and a midi dress in the other? It is clearly a midi dress! Anyway, I'll list all the links to where you can buy the dress below, with the prices. Sales and inventory on some of these sites changes daily, so check often!
I just love the mix of patterns and colors on this. What really draws you in when you first see it is the circles. They are almost like an animal print.......

Donna Morgan Sierra Maxi Dress - Anthropologie, $198
Donna Morgan Mayrona Midi Dress - Anthropologie, $218
*Anthro has 20% off all items this weekend, online and in store, with code XOXO

Jaime Chiffon Pleated Midi Dress - Donna Morgan's own site, $196

Donna Morgan Pleated Midi Dress - Lord & Taylor, $195 (has some promos)

Donna Morgan Sleeveless Printed Chiffon Dress - Amazon, price has varied but has gone as low as $117

Donna Morgan Pleat Print Chiffon Maxi Dress - Nordstrom, $117 when I ordered plus I had a promo code and free shipping!

I am sure other sites carry it as well, and you can see the "key" words to search for are all the same...... "chiffon", "pleated", "midi", etc., in addition to the brand name. Happy shopping!
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