Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a difference a year makes......

If someone had told me this picture would exist a year ago, I would not have believed them. I got our male dog, Biscuit, as a 30th birthday present from my husband. We had already had our female, Mocha, for about 4 years. Let's just say the transition was a difficult one. I didn't think they would ever get along and there were many stressful moments. Having a boy puppy was WAY different than a girl puppy too! I can't believe how opposite they are. At any rate, things are much better now and they like to play and snuggle together. That's not to say that Biscuit still doesn't push Mocha's buttons at times. Even though he is twice her size, she is still the lady of the house and he accepts that.

So that brings me to my 31st birthday, which I celebrated yesterday. Actually, I had an early birthday dinner with my family last weekend with great food and visiting. Then yesterday, I had many warm wishes from my co-workers. Then my hubby whisked me off for a Japanese Stone Massage at the Greenery Spa, then dinner at Tre Cugini, then a walk through the Grand Rapids Art Museum Okay, that's a lot of then's...... Let's just say I've had a great last week or so!

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