Friday, September 26, 2008

New Peacock Finds

My lovely sister-in-law alerted me about a peacock votive holder on sale on the Pottery Barn website. Although still expensive, I bought him and thought he would make a great centerpiece on my work table. His 6 clear glass containers could hold beads! I don't know if I just didn't read the fine print or what, but I guess I wasn't too surprised when it arrived that it did not come with the votive holders. I thought, no problem, I can find those anywhere for like $1 a piece. And there would have been no way I was going to pay $24 to get them from Pottery Barn! But after going to several stores I am amazed how hard a plain glass votive holder is to find! I have a few more places to look today.

My other recent find has been a wine rack from Pier One. We've looked at wine racks on and off for years so it wasn't a totally unnecessary purchase.

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