Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Tuesdays are usually my "free" nights. Neither Jon or I have class and it's a good time to make a nice meal, relax, get stuff done. Tuesdays are also new release days for DVD's. So instead of doing homework or making jewelry (like I should have been) I felt the need to purchase and watch Sex and the City, the movie. I had already seen it twice in the theater - once with a huge group of girlfriends on opening night - and again with my Mom and Grandma when they were visiting me. It certainly lived up to all it's hype, in my opinion.

So I thought I would post some "things" I've learned about myself as a crafter, since I don't have any big bead news right now....

1. It's always better to make something too long than too short.

2. Based on the above, I shuffle back and forth to the bathroom mirror holding things up to my neck to judge size.

3. I often improvise when I don't have the right tools. Just ask Jon about the time I used the cake server to spread grout on a mosaic window!

4. If I don't love a piece right away, I will often lay awake at night trying to come up with ideas for it and will eventually rework it.

5. I don't like my hands smelling like metal. I have to wash them quickly after working with it. Even when I wear a mostly metal piece on my bare neck, I can start to smell it there too. Ick.

6. After completing a project, I am bad about putting the remaining supplies away. They seem to pile up in a designated area - most recently a tray that traveled around with me before I had my permanent studio (pic below). Perhaps now I can organize and put everything away and try to be good about always putting things in their place.

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