Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I am halfway through this pregnancy. The time has gone fast..... as well as slow. Isn't it funny how that is? With my first pregnancy, I read like crazy! I was up to date with every little thing that could (or could not) possibly happen to me and my baby. This time? If I scan through my weekly email telling me how far along I am that is good enough. It's nice to have that comfort level. Of course, if something odd does come up, I will look it up. For instance, I certainly felt a huge change as I moved into the second trimester. So much pressure in my lower abdomen. Lots of discomfort. And even one night where I thought I was having contractions! At my last doctor appointment I found out this was all completely normal. Obviously, once you've been pregnant, all of your insides are already stretched out so every baby after will sit lower and cause more pressure. And since the uterus is a muscle, it does contract (more and more in subsequent pregnancies). I was told that as the baby grows, he will move up and hopefully lessen the pain. I will believe it when it happens.
Of course, this time too I am 4 years older and I have a toddler to chase around. Lower back pain and sciatic nerve tinges are really sucky right now, but I remember that with Richard too. For the most part, I have been able to keep up with our summer activities and thus far we have had a pretty mild summer so I haven't felt too terribly hot.
Last time, I kept a journal where I wrote down food cravings, weight gain, etc.... and also put together a scrapbook with pictures as I progressed. I do plan to do a scrapbook this time too, but I want to try the maternity design on Shutterfly instead of doing it manually. I have way more pictures this time since I've been more into blogging fashion this time around. But as for the other stuff, let's just say the scale in our house doesn't even work right now and I don't ask the doctor what I weigh at my checkups. For the most part I seem to be doing the same as I did previously. Cravings (and aversions) are all about the same as last time too.
With this outfit, I once again adapted non-maternity clothes.
Peacock Feather Maxi Skirt - Macy's (see previously here)
Apt 9 Black Sweater - Kohl's
Statement Necklace - TJ Maxx
Mossimo Patricia Wedges - Target

Sunglasses - Zulily

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I love these colors on you! And that necklace is fabulous! I remember with the first child reading everything and with the second getting irritated at those emails and just deleting them immediately. The things I wish I would have done is keep a daily journal with the little funny things kids say. I started writing down the funny things my kids say about three years ago, but I wish I would have done it all along.

You look great. I remember having to go to the chiropractor often for my sciatic nerve. I hope it gets better for you!