Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Round Rabbit at my favorite store!

 I've been buying porcelain jewelry and jewelry components (beads, pendants, etc...) from Nancy Adams at Round Rabbit for several years. Her designs and glazes are just gorgeous! So last year when she announced that she was partnering with Anthropologie, I was so excited! Even though I've never met Nancy in person, it is so neat to see someone you "know" get their work into Anthro.
Her first collaboration was 3 hardware knobs that were available earlier this year. They sold out so fast I was only able to nab 2 of them (however, I will share product page links below). I had always planned to do a blog post, with the hopes that I would find some cool secondhand end table that I would use the knobs on, but since that hasn't happened yet I wanted to go ahead and share because......
Nancy's second collaboration - coasters - just arrived in store and online! I try to post my purchases / finds pretty timely so that other people can buy if they are interested. How frustrating is it to see something cool, only to find out it has sold out? Anyway, the coasters are pictured above and they are a stunning mix of colors, patterns and textures! The Shade-Grown Coasters come in 5 different color combos, and are $8 each.
And here are the knobs, in case of a website popback or lucky store find:

Keyhole Knob

Where else can you find Nancy's work?
Her Big Cartel store
Her blog
I have 3 necklaces currently for sale in my Etsy shop that feature Nancy's pieces:
I can't wait to see what her next partnership with Anthropologie will be!

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I love those knobs and coasters. They are really cool. I am so bad about being timely with my posts. It is hard when you are a sale shopper because things often sell out. I hope to get to an Anthropologie Friday if my son's tests at the doctor look good. I will look for those coasters!