Monday, July 21, 2014

Sleeveless Button Ups

You've already seen how I've made non-maternity clothes work for the first 5 months of my pregnancy, and here are some more to share! Since all three of these looks featured a sleeveless button down blouse (all in fun animal prints too) I thought I would group them together.

Step #1
Pick a basic that you already have in your closet, whether it be maternity or not. My basics here are all black: J. Crew Dress (non-maternity, local consignment shop), Liz Lange Ponte Pants (maternity, Target), Apt 9 Midi Tube Skirt (non-maternity, Kohl's).
 Step 2:
Pick another neutral basic sweater or jacket for those chilly mornings or air conditioned offices. You can take it off when needed throughout the day. It's easy for all of these to be non-maternity pieces that you already have, because you don't need them to fit over your belly. In fact, you want your cute sleeveless top to show even when you have these on. Pictured here are: INC International Concepts Tan Cardigan (Macy's), Gap Jean Jacket (local consignment shop), Ruffle Cardigan (Matilda Jane).
 Step 3:
You can tie your shirt, wear it loose, or belt it. Note, these are all non-maternity blouses.
 Step #4:
Accessorize with your favorite shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, etc..... Notice how much I wear these black wedges (Unlisted "Webpage"). They are my go to's for sure! However, after wearing them for 3 summers now, they are starting to come apart in a few places. Off to eBay I go to replace them. I have done this quite a bit over the years with a piece I really love. If you love it that much, if it is comfy and stylist, I say go ahead and get the same exact thing!
 Here are some detail shots of the tops:
Camels = Croft & Barrow (Kohl's)
Fish = Alfani (Macy's)
Giraffes = Alfani (Macy's)
Hope you enjoyed these ideas, as much as I enjoyed putting them together! The only maternity piece featured was the black leggings!

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What a cool segment. I like how you showed three different ways to wear the shirts. Really cool! I think this is helpful for all women, pregnant or not. You look great. And you are so cool to only be wearing one maternity piece of clothing. It is so creative. And that is why you are an artist. You can use things in more than one way. I love that!