Saturday, October 21, 2017


About a month ago, we said goodbye to our little Chihuahua Mocha. She just celebrated her 14th birthday in September. Jon and I got her after we were married for about a year. She was my first dog, and our first pet together. To say it's been hard is an understatement. This is my first time experiencing the loss of a pet. The loss of this sweet little creature who snuggled with you any time you sat down or laid down..... who was never away from us as our dogs go where we go (Mocha even flew to Florida with us once).
We got Mocha in 2003 and I had this purse made in 2006. Around that time, photos bags were really in and almost every store had artsy black & white bags with the pictures of a dog, cat, place or people. I was glad to discover Gina Alexander so that my bag would be more personal. I'm even more glad to see they are still in business after 11 years! Digital cameras were just coming out and we didn't have one yet, so yes, showing my age I actually shot an entire roll of film of my dog to ensure I got a good picture to use! I draped a velvet throw I had in a corner, and my little Mocha always sat so good for pictures (she got plenty of treats)! The necklace she is wearing I made for her too - the silver beads spell her name with multiple colors of Swarovski crystals making up the rest. 
The trim and straps of this tote are leather, and the material is a matte satin. Mocha is on both sides, but you can pay extra to do 2 different pictures. I can attest that after 11 years this bag still looks perfect! I was not a coffee drinker back then - we just liked the name Mocha - but I am an avid mocha drinker now! While taking these pictures, I accidentally spilled some of my Biggby down the side of my purse (the irony of mocha on Mocha) and I was heartbroken. Seriously, I am a mess daily. When I got home, I soaked a towel in cold water and carefully wiped the fabric. It completely came out! I was so happy! So that proves this bag is a quality investment.
I normally NEVER match my purse either - that is why I don't include them in my outfit posts. But, today I did. A simple outfit, remixing the sweater in this post, the jeans from this post, and the shoes from this post.
Massini Sweater : Meijer
Lauren Conrad Kick Crop Bootcut Jeans : Kohl's
Necklace : gift from Mom
Personalized Photo Bag : Gina Alexander
Miss you so much Mocha!!!

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So sorry for the loss of your sweet Mocha.