Monday, October 30, 2017

Velvet Remix

Another remix today, once again before the weather turned. My evening has already been quite productive as I prepped dinner for tomorrow night since we'll be busy trick or treating, and I had to finish the dog's costume! Jon is out of town, and that calls for another type of routine. Easier meals, and when the kids are in bed I look forward to "me" time. Sitting in that "Dad" spot on the couch, watching whatever I want (like right now: Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party - who else loves that show?). Staying up later than normal. Blogging. Probably making bad food choices. So yeah, some of those unhealthy aspects there. But then again, being "healthy" enjoying yourself and being comfortable enough to just be.
Being a huge Sex and the City fan, I'll never forget the episode talking about Secret Single Behavior. When Aiden moved in with Carrie, she felt like there were certain things she could no longer do - like stand in the kitchen paging through Vogue while eating saltines with jelly on them. It's just simple stuff that makes you happy. Even though my hubby and I share absolutely everything, I've said it before that I need that alone time. And hey, it's not all lazy vegging either.... sometimes it's when I get my biggest bursts of motivation! Like tonight, and this time when I repainted a cabinet when he was overseas for a week!
Alright, better get some sleep!
Massini Velvet Tee : Meijer
Mossimo High Rise Crop Flares : Target
St. Johns Bay Utility Jacket : JC Penney
Layered Marbles Necklace : Anthropologie
Sandals : Payless

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