Monday, October 9, 2017

Velvet Invasion

When velvet started coming back a few years ago, my 90's girl heart couldn't have been happier. But now, I feel like every store I walk into is covered in velvet! I guess it's good there is so much to choose from, but when it comes to wanting to join in on the biggest trends it can also be very overwhelming! The majority of what I am seeing lately is velvet, embroidery, and statement sleeves (whether it be ruffles, off the shoulder, cut outs). How do you know you are getting the best piece? What if you walk into another store and like something better? With my busy life, I am trying my best to be selective - not only to avoid a return errand but also to cut down on how much closet cleaning I tend to do. 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again : Meijer is on their game! They hired Stacey London (of What Not To Wear fame) to design their Massini line earlier this year. This cute tee was only $24.99, and believe me, some of the same velvet tops can be near the $100 and over range at places like Anthropologie, Madewell, and J. Crew. It comes in a few colors, but of course I choose teal!
Since our Fall has been unseasonably warm, it was nice to be able to wear velvet and still stay cool with this tee. I tend to lean toward crushed velvet too as it is more forgiving and easy to care for. Traditional velvet shows marks (from sitting, arm creases, etc....) and spots so much more.
Massini Velvet Tee : Meijer
High Rise Black Jeans : American Eagle
Black Flats : Payless
Peacock Necklace : gift from Jon

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