Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

It's unusual for me to post in the morning, but I have a rare day where I have some time to kill before volunteering at Richard's class Halloween party. I am sitting at my local coffee shop enjoying a bagel and mocha before the chaos of almost 100 first graders (4 classrooms in which the kids will be rotating through). I cannot even begin to tell you how much I daydream about sitting at a coffee shop and blogging.... this is certainly Mama's Halloween "treat"! OMG, and Chris Stapleton just came on - swoon!
This has maybe been the most fun Fall season we've had. We've enjoyed a lot of nice weather and did a lot of activities. I'm looking forward to the school party and trick-or-treating tonight. I have to admit I am always a little bummed when Halloween is over because it is my favorite holiday!
This outfit screams Fall to me.... I had to return something to The Loft and ended up coming home with this sweater and jeans. See, sometimes returns can be dangerous! I can't resist a good owl sweater, and for some reason I can't resist wide leg released hem jeans. Seriously, I don't know what is wrong with me. I think this will make 4 pairs now. These are probably my longest pair though - the others are more cropped - so I rationalized it that way. Also, when I put them on they were sooooooo comfy! I'm always a bit stumped with what cold weather footwear to pair with them. Summer is easy with some chunky/strappy sandals. Even if I follow inspiration I see online (mostly ankle boots, clogs, slides) I feel like it doesn't look the same on me. I guess I will keep experimenting. I don't totally hate these brown boots with them though.
Owl Sweater : Loft

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