Monday, January 13, 2014

Discounted Ruffles

A story..... oh, there's always a good story when shopping for deals. Before I get into it, let's review Anthropologie's 20 year archival collection they released this summer. See my post here about it, and how happy I was that I already owned many of the originals from my eBay hunting. The only new piece I bought from the collection was the Peacock Cardi (which you can read about here). As much as I adored some of the other pieces, I let them go and didn't really hunt them down when they finally hit sale.
A few days before the New Year, my hubby wanted to take a road trip to purchase a new rally car (a.k.a. an AWD Subaru) as he had just sold his. The plan was to stay overnight in Sandusky, OH at an indoor water park. As we started our trip over there, trailer and all, he found out the car he wanted had sold. We went on with our reservations as we knew we couldn't cancel. That evening at the resort, he tracked down another car he was interested in, a couple of hours away. Knowing the plan to go there the next day, I decided to see if there was anything to occupy Richard and I. Luckily, I found a shopping center halfway between the hotel and car destination. Jon dropped us off at Crocker Park and went on his way. Since I hadn't planned on shopping for our trip, I didn't have a stroller for Richard and the entire mall was outdoors. A bit of a challenge, but I figured if he got too impatient there was a Barnes & Noble where we could park ourselves while we waited for Daddy.
As long as Mama got into Anthropologie, she would be happy. After all, they were still having their after Christmas sale and my wonderful boys had a gift card in my stocking. I scanned the sale racks which were ho-hum. I picked a few things to try on and then looked around some more. All the while distracted by the fact that Richard was enthralled with some jingle bell garland that I really didn't feel like paying $20 for if he broke it. I decided to go through the racks one more time, and I am so glad I did. For hiding in the depths was a lone gem - the Archival Ruffle Skirt! And in my size! So this was the piece I walked away this that day - that wonderfully sporadic, unplanned day. Finding such a rare item, 5 months later, was very lucky indeed.
The skirt was originally $188. Markdowns were $99.95, then $49.95. With the extra 25% off sale, this baby came in at $37.46! This skirt is a hard one to pull off, because of it's volume. Especially on someone like me who has big hips. I like to search other blogs and pinterest for ideas on how other people style the same pieces I have, but I haven't seen this skirt at all. I stuck with my rule of full bottom = fitted top. Oh, and don't worry about my bare arms with snow on the ground..... it was in the 40's today. That's like tropical here. (hee, hee)
Vanessa Virginia Archival Ruffle Skirt : Anthropologie
Apt 9 Black Sweater : Kohl's
Yoki Boots : Zulily
Wood Bead Necklace : Local Charitable Union Gift Shop


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh man! You are so lucky! I bought mine for 20% off. Yours was such an amazing steal. So jealous! I pair mine with a lace fitted top and boots. Your boots are awesome, by the way.

You really got an amazing deal. It looks great on you.


Jennifer Hepler-Takens said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Want !!!!!!!

Lorelei Eurto said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You always so look so fabulous. This outfit is no exception. Lo VE it!