Friday, January 24, 2014

That Damn Lace Hem

I am confessing that I have a slight obsession lately with lace trimmed tops. It all started last Fall when I fell in love with the Lace Skirt Sweatshirt from Anthropologie (worn here) and then getting a similar sweater at Macy's (worn here). In my true "research" form, while nosing around about the Lace Skirt Sweatshirt I had seen someone post that American Eagle was carrying the "exact same sweater" for less. Of course I was intrigued. However, I could not find the sucker! I kept checking their website and I visited 2 of their stores around that same time. Sure, there were sweaters there trimmed with ruffles and lace, but not like the Anthro one. I thought this person must be mistaken. I guess it should also be noted that I wouldn't consider this trim "lace" but an eyelet cotton.
 While in Chicago this past weekend, I happen to spot a girl wearing the sweater below (the American Eagle one - came in pink and grey). I complimented her on it and asked where she got it just to confirm. Yep, American Eagle. How odd that I never saw it. It is sold out online (and probably in stores too) but let's do a comparison of the price points, shall we?
Anthropologie was $78.00, then on sale for $49.95
American Eagle was $59.95, then on sale for $29.95
If you missed out on either, I am seeing Anthro's Spring arrivals trickle in with that same eyelet trim. For instance, the East Falls Pullover (but why the increase to $88 Anthro? Is it the stripes?) and the Synoptic Layered Tunic. Furthermore, I did a quick search to try to find that eyelet trim for you DIY'ers out there. I didn't come up with anything but I am sure it can be found and there are plenty of other cute options out there too. And obviously other retailers, like the Macy's and AE references here, carrying a slew of basic tops dressed up with pretty trims.
I know I always say this, but I need to learn how to sew! I could see a trim like this going on the bottom of a skirt or dress that might be too short. So many options!
Anyway, let's get back to the outfit I wore today. Moth's Village Pass sweater was from 2006, and one of my recent eBay scores. You know, those secret listings that no one else discovers that I often talk about? Because believe me, this vintage piece goes for a pretty penny! I just couldn't resist the flowers, lace and style. I had a brown belt on but then decided to go the more comfortable route. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always worn tunics and empire waisted tops and dresses. Although, I am sure if often fuels rumors of a bun in the oven! Oh well, let them talk!
Moth Village Pass Sweater - vintage Anthro via eBay
A.N.A. Jeggings & Brown Boots - JC Penney
Apt 9 Brown Boot Socks - Kohl's
Butterfly Necklace - Forever 21
Vintage Watch - Grandpa's


GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I never saw that shirt before. It is so cute. I love loose fitting tops the best. I think they are so much for feminine and pretty than tight tops. I once tried on a low cut sexier dress and my husband said, "that dress is so not you. I like when you dress like yourself." I am in love with the ruffled hem, but only on about 1/4 of the items.

I must go shopping with you sometime! Too bad we don't live closer!


Kacie Ellis said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Pretty top! Great details!