Thursday, January 9, 2014

Polar Vortex

I have been wanting to blog so badly - I have lots of new deals and stories to share - but it has been a bit abnormal around here. We are experiencing a bad winter here in Michigan - you may have heard the phrases "polar vortex" and "arctic blast".

I guess I should back up..... I enjoyed having almost 2 full weeks off for the holidays. So when Monday rolled around, I was ready to get back into the world! I love being a homebody, but when Mother Nature tells me I cannot leave my house I get a little stir crazy. I decided to freeze my butt off for a few minutes today for the sake of the blog as I feel I get my best pictures outside or with natural light.

I know I have shared my deals when it comes to sales/coupons/etc..... But I thought I'd share a few tips here on how I find awesome deals on eBay. The piece I am talking about in this post is the top I have under the sweater. It is a thin, sleeveless butterfly print top from Anthropologie (of course). I wasn't always an Anthropologie shopper. Sure, I'd always loved their things but until I learned how to shop their sales, there were a lot of things outside of my grasp. I remember seeing this in their catalog, but the $78 price tag was a no go. One of the best ways to get older pieces is eBay. It can take some time and patience, but it does pay off.

This top is by Edme & Esyllte and called "Wing Theory Shell". The first thing I would search by is "Anthropologie Wing Theory". Searching by the actual name is going to give you the most accurate results. However, also the most expensive results. You see, those who know their stuff will know what to charge for it. It might be retail, a little less than retail but more than sale, or if it is really rare over retail. Not only might it be someone selling off some of their pieces, but we all know that there are people who make their living by buying up items (not just Anthro) on sale and then charging a bit more for them to make a profit. But, it is a good reference when you start your search. After that, I would search by the following variations:

Edme & Esyllte
Anthropologie Butterfly
Anthropologie Wing

Get the picture? Just start breaking up the words and searching different combos. What you are looking for is that person who doesn't know the history of the piece and is just listing it with the label name or what is on it. This is where you are going to get your deal - and hope that no other Anthro-addict finds it if it is not a buy it now! I won the auction on this little number for $10.49!

And the title the seller actually put it under was:

ANTHROPOLOGIE EDME & ESYLLTE Whimsical Butterfly Boho Tank Top Shirt Gray

Notice, the official Anthropologie name is not in the title. So there you go, now you know one of my secrets. You won't outbid me now, right?

Other outfit details:

Dolce Cabo Cardigan: Zulily (It's asymetrical-ness reminded me of something Anthro would carry)
A.N.A. Black Jeggings: JC Penney
Bear Traps Boots : Macy's


Baird Family said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love this top, too! I have the same one and bought it at my first Anthro Black Friday. The one where they had 50% off. I love how you styled it! Thanks for the post!

GnomeLover said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is so smart. I do that, too. That is how I found my favorite horse skirt. Hmmm. I think I know what I will be wearing today. ; ). But lately I have been lazy about searching. There is only one item I am hunting.

I absolutely love your outfit. The grey sweater is fabulous with the butterfly shirt (great score). I hope it is warming up for you. It is going to be in the 80s here at least for the next two weeks. This sounds great, but it is seriously bad for our agriculture and scary fire situations in the summer.

I can't wait for your blog posts!


peacockfairy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh gosh - wasn't that 50% off sale the most wonderful!!! They haven't done it again since.

Jenni - it is a balmy 35 here today. It feels great after the below zero temps!